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In 2013, estimates show that over 750 girls become pregnant annually in Ghana, from ages as young as ten. Education remains the one most important element and tool to ensure that girls have the right information to make the right choices.

With unemployment rates amongst young people exceeding 60%, a girl’s potential access to an education, and subsequent employment becomes exceedingly challenged if she becomes pregnant whiles in school. Early unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, potentially reduces a young woman’s chances and that of her child to live a healthy life; in turn, placing burdens on her family and community.

The young lady is also at a higher risk of an attempted abortion, due to the fear of poverty, educational stagnation, discrimination and the lack of access to adequate health care and counseling. In communities where access to health care systems remains a challenge, this situation is highly life threatening as well. Hence, deaths resulting form attempted abortions in Ghana remains very high.

Save Our Women International, Inc.’s mission is to create awareness, to help provide supporting social structures, and education on female fertility health and the prevention of Teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. SOWI advocates for the right of the young lady to information and education, access to safe, accessible health care, in an environment that promotes safe choices and is friendly towards the victim.

In 2010 for instance, SOWI’s intervention, ensured that Ama who had been thrown out of school, was allowed back into the classroom after the birth of her baby to write her final exams. Without this intervention, Ama’s education would have been curtailed. Unfortunately, this is the fate that awaits many victims. Your interest and contributions ensure that we reach over 2000 girls annually with the information that potentially ensures them a much better life by serving to prevent unwanted pregnancies that may lead to poverty or the loose of life. Every contribution counts. Donate a dollar or more today to change the life of a girl in Ghana.

SOWI is a 501c company registered in the United States and Ghana